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& When To Followup.
Get open alerts and watch recordings showing how prospect's interact with your existing sales collateral.
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“I used to hate the uncertainty of sales. Now I know exactly what they want and when to call them.”

Jordan – Owner, Prekaro Building.

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Users simply upload their existing sales collateral to the IntelliBrochure website. To send, they just enter the prospects name, copy the weblink created and send it via their email.

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Sell With Certainty.

Users instantly get an email alert when the prospect views the link. Once the prospect completes viewing, users receive an exact recording of the interaction as well as 4 types of heatmap visualizations.


Deliver 9-31% More Sales.

IntelliBrochure reveals what matters prospects, when to engage and when stalled deals are back in play and is independently proven to deliver 9-31% growth.

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